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Pawn of Prophecy, The Belgariad book One by David Eddings November 8, 2009

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Pawn of ProphecyPawn of Prophecy, The Belgariad book One by David Eddings fits into the juvenile fantasy fiction genre and was first published in 1982. It is recommended for readers ages 14 and up.

A friend lent me the first three books in the Belgariad series. At first I was hesitant because I haven’t been in a reading mood lately, which is odd for me. However, I picked this one up and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got into the reading mood. Pawn of Prophecy tells the story of Garion and his Aunt Pol as they are living a peaceful life at Faldor’s farm. Aunt Pol was the cook and Garion spent his days with his friends enjoying the country life. Unfortunately it was not to last. An old storyteller, whom Aunt Pol called Old Wolf, came into town and that’s when things started to become complicated and different. Then one night it was suddenly time to leave. Old Wolf, Aunt Pol, Garion, and their friend Durnik who was a blacksmith, snuck off to start a mysterious adventure. Along the way they meet a few more interesting friends all who have skills necessary to help them survive on this journey and accomplish the task at hand. Garion is constantly kept in the dark about things but he is observant and quick to piece things together. In the end he learns the truth about his Aunt Pol, old Wolf, and himself. He also helps stop a sinister plot to overthrow the king of a nearby kingdom. Pawn of Prophecy is packed with adventure and fun sarcastic whit that will entice anyone to keep reading. The mystery behind who Garion is will make you pick up the next book to find out more. I often found myself getting lost in the story and forgetting my life and troubles while I read. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy book.

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