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Forever Princess by Meg Cabot September 4, 2009

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Forever Princess

Forever Princess by Meg Cabot fits into the juvenile fiction genre and was published in 2009. It is recommended for readers ages 14 and up.

Forever Princess is the final installment in the Princess Diaries books and was a fabulous conclusion to an overall wonderful series. It is the end of Mia’s senior year and she is getting into every college she applied to, she has a dedicated boyfriend J.P. who confesses his love daily, and she has finished her senior project. Unfortunately she is still unhappy with what life has to offer. She feels she is only getting into every college because she is a princess and the colleges want the publicity so she lies to her friends telling them that she hasn’t been accepted to any college. Also Mia is not in love with J.P. and only wants to be with him so she has a man while she pines away for Michael. This is further complicated by the return of Michael from Japan and their happy reconnection. Mia’s senior project is surrounded by a complicated mess of lies because she is worried that people with mock her real project, a historical romance novel. On top of this she is having trouble with her family and the consequences of her big announcement we read about it “Princess Miya”. I enjoyed the plots and subplots but often found myself wondering if anyone in real life is really this dense. Throughout the novel Mia questions things that every other character and the reader seem to know for certain. For example, when Michael comes back and they have a spicy reunion in Central Park she wonders endlessly if he still has feelings for her, which is obvious to anyone else. Putting this irritating inability aside I enjoyed the rest of the novel and was happy to finally read the conclusion of the series and to learn of Princess Mia’s happily ever after.

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