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Hattie Big Sky By Kirby Larson May 20, 2008

Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson fits into the Juvenile Historical Fiction genre. It was first published in 2006 and is recommended for people age 12 and up.

Summary and Review: Hattie Big Sky is the heartwarming Newbery Honor Book that tells the story of Hattie Brooks. Hattie, who was orphaned at age five, had been living with a long line of distant relatives when she got a letter from her dying Uncle Chester who wanted her to come to Montana and prove up on his homestead claim. Unaware of what this really entails and in an effort to escape her life of feeling indebted to everyone Hattie goes out to prove herself. Once she’s there Hattie learns the true meaning of work with the help of a stubborn cow and the never-ending combination of chores and poor weather. While there Hattie writes letters to her Uncle Holt and also to her friend Charlie who is over fighting the Germans. Her uncle showed her letters to a newspaper man and Hattie got paid $15 a month for her tales of life as a homesteader. She also makes some life-long friends, one of which was German born.  In a time where people are leery of anything German Hattie learns what it means to be patriotic in spite of what other people may say, and becomes a strong and independent woman. Larson’s prose is magnificent and full of wit as she describes the troubles and joys common to a Montana homesteader during World War I.


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