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Flush by Carl Hiaasen January 4, 2008

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flush.jpgFlush by Carl Hiaasen

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Published in 2005

Recommended Age Group: 12 and Up

Summary: Flush begins with Noah Underwood going to see his father Paine on Father’s Day. His Dad is in jail for sinking the Coral Queen a gambling boat that has been dumping it’s waste into the water. This is a big problem because it would wash up on a popular beach and people and animals get sick from swimming in it. Paine said he’d tried to notify the Coast Guard and other people to tell them what was going on but Dusty Muleman, the owner, always seemed to know when they were coming and would dump the waste just like he was supposed to. Paine asks Noah to help him which he son readily agrees to in spite of some misgivings he had about the whole thing. Noah believes his Dad is a good person but his brain just shuts off when he’s upset about someone hurting the environment. Noah decides to find a legal way to catch Dusty in the act and stop him from dumping the Coral Queen’s waste into the ocean. With the help of his little sister Abbey and Shelly, Dusty former fiancée and a bartender on the boat, they fill the holding tanks with fuchsia food coloring so when Dusty dumps later a long stripe of evidence leads straight back to the Coral Queen. After a couple more surprises and a few unexpected along the way Dusty gets what he deserves and the water is safe for swimming.

Personal Notes: The first thing that drew my attention to this book was the fish and the toilet seat on the cover. It was just as interesting as the cover. I especially liked how Noah found legal ways of solving his problems and didn’t resort to vandalism like his father. I think it teaches people to use their brains to reach their goals and to stop things they don’t like. Hiaasen didn’t ever really tell us how old Noah was and that bothered me for some reason. It was my goal through the book to find this kids age. At one point we find out that his Grandpa left when he was two or three and returned ten years later and that he is three years older than his sister who passed fourth grade so I guess that’s close enough for me. Overall it was a fun read and a great adventure.


35 Responses to “Flush by Carl Hiaasen”

  1. Caitlin Gregory Says:

    If you liked Flush, you’ll probably also like Hoot. It’s by the same author. I read it this summer and loved it! A few other recent reads…Chasing Vermeer and Blue Jasmine – fantastic use of metaphors in the latter and a great mystery that brings in elements of art history in Chasing Vermeer. Enjoy! 🙂 Oh, and one more…The Invention of Hugo Cabret! I read this to my sixth graders last year and they loved it! It has over 200 pages of pictures that are absolutely fantastic.

  2. this is the best book esver i read it last year in sixth grade and it was so cool

  3. lizard fish Says:

    i have a book report due on this book in 2 days and im only on page 74 out of 263. Any advice?

  4. Julie Says:

    Well, you’re a little over a third through and it gets better as you read so I’d just hurry and finish. It’s a great book and there are a lot of different angles you could take for the book report. I especially liked how Noah used his brains to solve problems and didn’t fight or try to scare people into doing what he wanted. He also made sure to do things the legal way to try and be better than his dad. I read it in about a day so you should have plenty of time even with other homework.

    Thanks for visiting and I hope this helps.

  5. karissa fox Says:

    i liked this book alot and i think you will like it to. 🙂

  6. Marquinn Sanders Says:

    ermmm yea it was a great book it was very realistic i had to do it this summer and yea i read it in like 3 days because i had lots of math but yea. Carl Hiaasen is a very artistic author!!

  7. SandyPoo Says:

    this helps a lot with my project on flush. =) (i didnt read it) o.O

  8. report help Says:

    i need help i have a book report due tommorow and on page 41 i need help any one now the main charecters setting problem rising action falling action and reaslotion?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Waz up this book is awesome

  10. soccerrocker592 Says:

    what happpens in the end of this story?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I want to know if NOah’s dad dumped the waste, or the toher guy.

    • Bella Says:

      Dusty Muleman dumped the waist. Noah’s dad, Paine, was the one who was arrested for sinking the boat because Dusty was dumping the waist into the harbor.
      Hope this helped.

  12. Cook E. Dough Says:

    I got this book for Christmas last year and once I started, I couldn’t put it down. Noah’s dad is sooooooooo awesome! I wish I had a dad like that. All Environment friendly. I love how the grandpa comes back.

  13. Olivia Says:

    I love flush!! i did a book report on it!!! i love it. :). i would encourge you too read it.

  14. Buffy the vampire slayer Says:

    I read this book for a school asignment and loved it, but for those who need to turn in an assignment in like a week- please don’t use this site for a cheat-sheet. I came here to get the spelling for fuchsia, as I listened to the book on tape instead of reading. I don’t reccomend this book for younger ages, and my mom disproves of it, however.

    • Bella Says:

      It’s kind of sad how you are telling people not to use this as a cheat sheet… That’s obviously not a smart thing to do, if anyone is doing that… But really it’s so easy to read that if you did have a book report due the next day, it wouldn’t be impossible to read with the time you have left. It’s not even violent, so you must have some kind of over-protective mom. I recommend it for anyone of any age willing to read it. You should also know, if you came to this site as a place to find the spelling for fuschia, you should know that you spelt it wrong… also know that there’s this crazy thing called a dictionary (Or spell check). But I’m not sure if you’d understand that because your mother probably doesn’t allow you to look in dictionaries because they are ‘inappropriate’ or some sort of crap.

  15. Belle corter Says:

    I loved hoot i thought it was better than flush which is a boring book to read

    • Annalise Says:

      it is not a boring book to read. I could not put it down after i started reading it.

    • Bella Says:

      Yeah, it definitely wasn’t a boring book. I have read better books and I am not saying this was the best I’ve ever read in my life or anything, but it was an easy read and exciting… it kept you guessing and on your toes throughout the story.

  16. greenangel97 Says:

    i luv this book soo much but how old is Shelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to know

    • UnfinishedReport Says:

      Do you know rising action climax and fallingg actionn? PLeasee tell mee! report due todayy…if you happen to be on..

  17. kyle Says:

    im in the middle of the book and its one of the best books ive ever read

  18. Haley Says:

    This was a great book! Maybe the best book by Carl Hiaasen. Dusty Muleman deserved his punishment!

  19. fat tony Says:

    this book is an awesome book. the beginning and middle of the book was good but the ending just pissed me off how they fined dusty muleman only 10, 000 dollars. i am so angry because dusty muleman gains like 10 grand every damn day. they should of charged him like 250, 000 or if he doesn’t want to pay that much he can keep his sorry ass in jail for the next 20 years

  20. Lea Bouffet Says:

    Dude this book rocks im only on ch. 3 cuz my teacher won’t let us read ahead but i kind of did…SSHHHHH!!=)

  21. Mariah Jones Says:


  22. sarah Says:

    this book was amazing! It does get better as you read along. but i read this book in a day because i have a report due in like two days!! I just wish that carl hiaasen put noah and abbey’s ages in the book! idk why

  23. Anonymous Says:

    (: flush was awsome

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I checked Flush out from the library, and the book smelled weird, so I joked to my sibling that maybe someone actually DID flush it down a toilet.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    a great book that is very entertaining and pulling. a great page-turner.

  26. bryan Says:

    this book is really awsome u should really read it

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