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What Janie Found by Caroline B. Cooney December 10, 2007

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what-janie-found.jpgWhat Janie Found by Caroline B. Cooney

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Published in 2000

Recommended Age Group: 14 and Up

Summary: What Janie Found is the fourth and final book in the series that started with The Face on the Milk Carton. Janie is tired of being the good guy and doing everything to help other people. This book opens with her contemplating being the bad girl and like Hannah giving it all up and to be last seen flying west. Janie’s Connecticut father Frank Johnson had a stroke and a heart attack in the same day and to help support her family Janie is asked to take care of the bills. While looking in the file cabinet she finds a folder marked “H. J.” it could only be about Hannah the kidnapper and Frank’s original child. Janie doesn’t want to go through the folder with her mother sitting there so she decides to wait until she can be alone, unfortunately Brian, her little brother, and Reeve, her ex-boyfriend are in the room and see the folder too and want to see inside. The problem is she wants to see it alone. While waiting for a good time to look at the folder the possibilities of what could be inside go through the minds of all three. One thing is certain, being in the paid bills section Frank was giving money to Hannah or money to find her.

When they were finally able to look in the folder they found that not only did Frank know where Hannah was but he was also sending her large chunks of money four times a year to an address in Boulder, Colorado. Conveniently Janie and Brian’s oldest brother Stephen is living in Boulder going to college. They decide to visit him and while there find Hannah because they all have questions that need to be answered. Worried about how their parents will react to the trip they come up with all kinds of reasons but they are all happily surprised and readily pay for plane tickets for Brian, Janie, and Reeve to fly. As the trip progresses one by one they decide that finding Hannah isn’t the greatest idea. Janie also has to face the choice as to whether or not she should continue to support her kidnapper. In the end they decide not to meet her. They mail Hannah the rest of the money in the account with a note that she will not be getting any more and not to contact the Johnson family again. They also have a great visit with Stephen and Janie decides who her real family is and what she’s going to do with the rest of her life.

Personal Notes: Not the ending I expected but it was really good. With the way the others just ended I was happy to finally have a bit of closure with the last one. I appreciated the depth of the inner conflict in each character. They were all very round and complete. I also liked how everything worked out in the end with both the families and Reeve. It wasn’t a and they lived happily every after, there was actually work involved and I think that made it more realistic.

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39 Responses to “What Janie Found by Caroline B. Cooney”

  1. lmfao Says:

    i didn’t think it was that good,

  2. Samantha Says:

    I loved this book and the onther 3 before it. I thought they were really good.

  3. uy Says:

    excuse me imfao?! it was the best book ever!!!!!!!

  4. Interested Says:

    Could someone please tell me if she forgives Reeve. If they get back together? I mean I know he was and jerk and all but does/did (not sure cause i haven’t read the last book) love her. I think she should forgive him and stop being such a baby but someone just please tell me if she had the common sense to do it or not.

  5. carrotlover99 Says:

    they dont, bbut best sereis ever! :0)

  6. ha Says:

    loser book

  7. g. Says:

    i want 2 know bout reeve & janie to0.

  8. doodle dog Says:

    i think it was kinda good,they should have met hannah though

    • hiya Says:

      i agree, i would have like to meet her, but in “a voice on the radio” lizzie says that shes dead. i hate that she makes up with reeve, though.

      • plapla Says:

        i know i hate that too! i don’t know why she made up with him! it would of been a much better book if they stayed broke up! it would of gave it a lot more spice!

  9. amy Says:


  10. Why not Says:

    I don’t get it why womissed her wouldn’t she meet Hannah? Why wouldn’t she and Reeve get back together?

    I couldn’t put the book down but I really wish it had a better ending or Caroline would write another book. The next book could be about how Hannah misses her parents and so she comes back. When Hannah returns both her parents are gone and Janie is home ALONE and ANSWERS the door. Janie wouldn’t know what Hannah would look like but Hannah would know Janie. CREAPY!!! I also think they need to come out with a movie sieries over these books. IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!

  11. chloe Says:

    i thought this book was excellent even though they didn’t me hannah

  12. gay Says:

    Goooood booooook,(=

  13. random Says:

    Well… To be Honest, I like the first book. It’s the most interesting one. The one that started all the mess!. These books are great! … I have a book report on, ” Whatever Happened To Janie” and i lost my library book so I had to look online. And this site helped me the most! Thanks. A lot!

  14. tikret Says:

    yeah i like the first book…

  15. heyyy i checked this book out… and pages 17&18 were gonee,, if you know a website that has em then say so:)

  16. laney laquita ROCK' elle Says:

    reeve and janie make the worst couple and all yalll that are book freaks dont be gettin all up on me tellin me i havent read theis book cause i have and its really lame (loser book) i agree with ha…

  17. laney laquita ROCK' elle Says:


  18. laney laquita ROCK' elle Says:


  19. laney laquita ROCK' elle Says:

    thank you for not erasing that emailll!!!! GURLLLL DONT PLAYYYY!!!;0

  20. laney laquita ROCK' elle Says:

    mmmmm hhhhh thats what i done thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;0

  21. carla ann. Says:

    these books are like the best(:
    why would you not like them.
    instead of asking for the ending,
    go out and read it !
    even though “whatever happened to janie”
    was the best,
    what janie found is good too ! (:

  22. lolo Says:

    i love these books and i cant wait to finish the last books!

  23. cookie monster Says:

    i have to get my hands on the last book because i am reading them and i cannot wait to get it !!!!

  24. plapla Says:

    hi i love these books so mucha nd cant wait to get my hands on the last one and read it and finish the whole series!

  25. $uper$tar Says:

    hey this book is coll with a k because I have to read it in 4th grade!and i don’t want to but i have to.

  26. $uper$tar Says:

    hey this book is cool with a k because I have to read it in 4th grade!and i don’t want to but i have to.and yes my friend told me they get back together ok well now you know and also love reading yes your rite NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER HA!!!!!!!!! AND LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  27. katie Says:

    I love this books so sad but amazing. I only wish they had met up with hannah when they had a chance to.

  28. Elissa Says:

    I have just recently started reading the first book in the series, and just found out there was three more. I cant wait to read them. Also, you may already know this, but there is a movie for The Face on the Milk Carton (Im not sure if there is one for the others). Well, gotta go do my reading log for this book, looking forward to reading the others.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I would have to say the voice on the radio was my fav because i kept wondering how reeve was going to get caught and i was sad when janie and reeve brokeup now im made because my school dosent have book 4 and i really want to read it their hard to put down i was looking for a website that had it online but i couldent find one so if know any let me know

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