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Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs November 3, 2007

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monday-mourning.jpgMonday Mourning by Kathy Reichs

Genre: Crime Fiction

Published in 2004

Recommended Age Group: Adult

Summary: Monday Mourning begins with Tempe and Claudel in the basement of a pizza place in Montreal where Tempe is digging up three sets of remains and Claudel is shooting rats with his gun. The bones appear to be old and with no belongings present to prove otherwise Claudel decides he has more important things to investigate and basically ignores the case. Tempe is not convinced that the bones are old and sets out to prove her theory through Carbon 14 dating. While waiting for the results she investigates the history of the building and it’s former occupants. One stands out as peculiar and Tempe and Ryan investigate and find not only the killer of the basement women but another crime scene as well. However, things at this scene are not what they appear. She gets a call from a terrified girl and ever the hero Tempe goes to investigate with her friend Anne. However, by doing so she puts both their lives in danger and gets surprised by an unexpected villain who gets away while Tempe tries to save the lives of herself and two other people.

Personal Notes: Another winner from Kathy Reichs. This novel is full of suspense and it not only grabs your interest but keeps it all the way through. It is also full of interesting science tid bits without being overly complicated. I was a bit frustrated in the middle because I thought something was so obvious and why wasn’t Temperance getting it, but in the end I was wrong and it was completely different than I thought. Overall it was a great book and a fun escape from my everyday monotony.

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