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Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs October 7, 2007

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deadly-decisions.jpgDeadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs

Genre: Crime Fiction

Published in 2000

Recommended Age Group: Adult

Summary: This novel beings with Tempe working on the remains of a nine-year-old girl named Emily Anne Toussaint she was killed accidentally in a gang related shooting. We get a little bit of a flash back to see what happened and how she got there. Tempe, in an effort to avenge Emily Anne’s murder and find the killers, joins a special force dedicated to tracking and capturing members of their local Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs (OMC). She gets in over her head and takes on a lot more then she intended to trying to find the killers. Quebec is in the middle of a gang war and one death follows another and another. Kit, Tempe’s nephew, gets involved with some of the OMC members and Tempe fears for his life and tries to get him away from them but this just pushes him closer. Tempe’s new boyfriend Ryan also gets himself in a load of trouble with a drug related charge and Tempe wonders if he is really innocent and why he has cut off contact with her. In the end Kit’s love for motorcycles gets him in trouble, we find out that Ryan is not who he seems to be, and Tempe’s instincts one again help solve murders in spite of uncooperative investigators.

Personal Notes: Good but disappointing compared to the other two I have read thus far. To make the characters realistic Outlaw Motorcycle Club members Reichs integrated a lot of swearing and foul imagery when they would speak and it really bothered me. I found myself wanting to skip over those parts but I didn’t want to miss any of the story. It was also fairly predictable. There were a few minor surprises but overall not that far of a deductive reach. A good book and interesting story but it could have been much more if there weren’t as many hints and clues along the way.

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