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Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson August 3, 2007

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peaches.jpgPeaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Publication Date: 2005

Recommended Age Group: 14 and Up

Summary: A fun and lively novel about three teenage girls from Georgia. Birdie lives with her Dad on a farm where they grow peaches. Leeda, Birdie’s cousin, lives with affluent parents and sister Danay in a nice and slightly snotty neighborhood. Murphy lives with her single mother in a trailer park. They meet up on the farm during spring break after Leeda volunteered to work there over the summer to get away from her family and Murphy was sent there for community service after she broke into Birdie’s house and got caught stealing liquor. They weren’t close at first. Murphy had a hard shell and didn’t want to let anyone in. Leeda felt awkward and didn’t know who to be friends with. Birdie was too shy to put herself out there. The break ends with Murphy and Leeda friends but Birdie still alone. They all come back for the summer and Birdie gets up the nerve to go and talk to Leeda and Murphy, begging them to help her get out of her shell and boy do they ever. She looses weight, gets kissed by a stranger in a bar, and gets up the guts to talk to the boy she likes. Leeda realizes that she’s been missing out on a lot always comparing herself to her sister and decides just to be her. She also decides that she is not in love with her boyfriend Rex and about the same time notices that he and Murphy are in love with each other. Murphy comes to grips with her mom’s shady past and present and tries to help her through her problems. She looses the outer shell and learns to trust. She also gets a new boyfriend, Rex.

Personal Notes: An exciting read! I couldn’t put it down and truly read it start to finish in one sitting. It had a bit of a slow start and I was wondering when they would all get together but it was worth the wait because of what they discovered about themselves along the way. I loved the subtle lessons it taught about being a good friend and not letting it get to you when others pass baseless judgements.

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37 Responses to “Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    “Peaches” is a very good book. I loved it. I am now reading the sequel “The Secret’s To Peaches”.

    • Anonymous Says:

      yeahh i can wait to read the sequel im now reading peaches , i just started im upto where shes running away from walter ! its guud so far

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I love the book “Peaches”. One of the best books I’ve read in a while. Any girl will enjoy this book.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This was an awesome read that any teenage girl will fall in love with.

  4. Carly Says:

    Thiz book was so good i really loved it any girl can read it it sounds like a real book because it is so makes it sounds like it real

  5. Beth Says:

    Peaches is a wonderful book. it has taught me so much about life. i am 16 so i can relate in a big way to these girls.

  6. marthmello Says:

    peaches was very good i liked it very much even thou i read them backward!!!!!

  7. help Says:

    Does anyone know a site where i can find chapter summaries of Peaches? Please I need help!

  8. strawbey Says:

    this book is amazing i love it
    i also got an a on my book report about it!♥

  9. grass fairy Says:

    i love this book! i had to pick a book to read for my book report and i picked this one! it was so good! And now i’m doing my book project, which is a soundtrack for the book…any suggestions for songs??

  10. la de dah Says:

    Grass fairy: Our Song by taylor Swift

  11. audrey Says:

    i loved peaches and i’m also on the sequel peaches is a sweet read and any girl will love it! : p

  12. this is a great read and i can’t wait to read the sequel! i’ve also read the maybird series by jodi lynn anderson and those are pretty good too. i like peaches better, though. after reading it i want to go pick peaches on a peach farm too!

  13. Ellen Says:

    At first Peaches was really boring, because they had to get into the story. But once you get past the middle it’s so good!! I’m on the third book and they’re all amazing! They are definitely in my top five books. I’d definitely reccomend it to any girl.

  14. AZNPRIDE101 Says:

    AWESOME BOOK but second book i abandoned after first few chapters

  15. Me Says:

    I love the book!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jessica Says:

    I love Peaches (the book and the food) it is such a grate book i need to get the second book so i can read it 🙂 im so glad my friend brooks let me barrow it

  17. Taylor Katelyn Says:

    I loved the book it seemed so real like i could some day have friends like this!! really good book!!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I really enjoyed this book and im looking forward to reading the sequel.

  19. misz barbie Says:

    i love this book. it’s fun and interesting. any girl will enjoy it

  20. Amber Says:

    I’m am 23 and I absolutly fell in love with these books. My grandmother gave them to me to read and i was convinced i wouldn’t be able to really get in to the book-being that it was written for teens- but the story of Murphy, Leeda and Birdie really brought me back to my youth.

  21. Anony A. Mouse Says:

    peaches is a great book but the other two to follow don’t equal it.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    this book is a really good book but at times oy does make sence to me.

  23. VickyLynn Says:

    I loved this book, Just got done reading it and i Totally recommend it!!

  24. meg Says:

    finishing up peaches, and can’t wait to read the other ones!!!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Hated it

  26. Anonymous Says:

    i love this book! it is sooo good and i am using it for a book report

  27. kelly Says:

    i absolutely LOVED this book. i read the whole thing till 1:00 in the morning. it was a real page turner 🙂

  28. Micaela Says:

    LOVE this book (:

  29. Jade Says:

    Peaches was AMAZING! Absolutely loooooved it 🙂 a great read, now my friend is reading it and I’m reading the sequel!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    i love this book to death i read it every summer i just cant get enough of murphy,leeda,and birdie

  31. sage haruno Says:

    OMG,i love this book !!! i’ve done it 4 a book report 7times

  32. ^_^ Says:

    the first time i read peaches i loved it. It reminded me so much of me and my two best friends! i told one of them about peaches while i was still reading it and we just started creating similar schemes we would do that leeda, birdie, and murphy had done and laughed about it all day!

  33. lex Says:

    seriously…amazzing books. all 3 are really want to hear more about Rex tho, in my opinion. oh well…you can really relate to all 3 of the girls. especially Murphy for me. but yeah if you havent it!!!

  34. katie Says:

    I love Peaches. I cant wait to read the next book!!!! 🙂

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I love this book! it took me a while to get into it. but once i did i couldn’t get enough. u definitely should read it.!

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