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Brittany by Jack Weyland July 23, 2007

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brittany.jpgBrittany by Jack Weyland

Genre: Rape Survival Story

Publication Date: Published by Deseret Book in 1997

Recommended Age Group: Ages 16 and up

Summary: Brittney is about this good LDS girl named Brittney and when the book starts out all she wants is to be married in the temple to someone who loves her. In the beginning we learn that she has recently moved from Grace, Idaho where she had lived for her whole life. She didn’t have a lot of friends in Utah yet but was hopeful. Then the Drama Coach calls her and tells her that the lead role for My Fair Lady was open and hers if she wanted it and of course she did and this changed her life. While in the play she worked closely with Craig who played the male lead. They became really good friends and he contemplated breaking up with his girlfriend for her. Then Derek came into the picture and changed everything. Derek sat next to her in Biology class and flirted with her a lot. She was promoting the play and said he should go. He made a deal that he would go if she would go on a date with him afterward. She told him she would do it. She felt a few misgivings and didn’t really want to go but decided to anyway. They went to a movie first and he kept hitting on her and she tried to get him to stop but he was not interested. After the movie they went back to his house and their double Chad and Holly were upstairs watching another movie and they went downstairs to play a video game. It was during the game that Derek starting hitting on her and eventually date-raped her. The book then goes on to talk about her battle in dealing with the problem and how she felt about herself. They had a trial and investigation but he just got probation and not much else. Brittany struggled with forgiveness and had problems feeling that she was pure because of what happened. She also did not think she was worthy anymore and it talks about her struggle with that. She had a counselor and talked to the bishop too and they helped her get through it all. Brittany ended up going to Ricks (back when it was Ricks) just like she wanted to but it took a little effort to get in because her grades had suffered. Craig got home from his mission and wanted to date her. At first she was uncomfortable because she felt defiled but eventually she did get over that and in the end agreed that that was a good idea too.

Personal Notes: I really appreciated the way they treated this subject. They included all that went up to the rape but they did not include the act itself. The book focused more on what happened to lead up to it and what happened to Brittany because of it and I think that is the most important part. I liked the way it focused on the effects and how she handled it. Brittney did not hide in a closet; she decided to use what happened to her to help other people. This helped because it had a point and wasn’t just about rape. It showed her determination to make the best of what life gave her and we can all learn from them whether or not this terrible act has occurred in our lives. A fantastic book that I think every dating person should read so they know of the dangers they may face and so they can prevent them.

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