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The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary July 22, 2007

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138.jpgThe Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Date: First Published in 1965 This edition by Harper Trophy in 2000

Recommended Age Group: Ages 10 and up

Summary: The Mouse and the Motorcycle is about a mouse named Ralph who lives in a hotel in California with his family. They enjoy messy people because they leave crumbs and food for him and his family to eat. Ralph is an adventurous mouse who wants to go out and see his world, the hotel, but he can’t because he is kept in check by the housekeepers who want to keep the place clean and mice free. Then Keith and his family arrive. Keith has many fun toys but most importantly he has a motorcycle, beautiful shiny and red. When Keith and his family step out of the room Ralph goes to see this motorcycle and take a look to see if Keith left any food behind. When he comes up to the motorcycle he notices that it is the perfect size for him and while trying to ride it he falls off the table where it was and lands in a garbage can. He was afraid because he didn’t want to get thrown out with the trash and he didn’t want someone who didn’t like mice to find him there. Luckily Keith comes back and finds him there and likes mice. He even teaches him how to ride his motorcycle and lets Ralph ride around in it at night. Then the crisis comes, Keith and his family are out for the day and Ralph wants to ride the motorcycle, he almost gets sucked into the vacuum and ends up riding into a bunch of sheets that he later has to chew his way out of and leave the motorcycle behind. The hotel finds they have mice and the maids are to keep an extra close watch and try to get rid of any mice they see. Thus Ralph and his family are forced into hiding but lucky for them Keith brings them food. One night Keith gets sick and needs an aspirin and his parents can’t find one. So Ralph goes on a mission to find the aspirin and almost gets caught several times. In the end he uses Keith’s toy Ambulance to get him to the elevator and down to the first floor to pick up the aspirin he found there and to bring it back. Ralph saves the day and in the end he gets to keep Keith’s motorcycle forever.

Personal Notes: This was a really fun and easy book to read. It was at a lower level than some of the other things I have read but not all kids of one age group are at the same level so I think it is good to have some that are for the lower level kids that are still fun to read. I enjoyed it also because of the lessons it teaches. It teaches respect for others and also that we should do what we can to repay the kindness that other show us.


45 Responses to “The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary”

  1. Zephanie Says:

    i love this book. im useing it for my book report. this is a cool book. U ROCK BEVERLY CLEARY!!!!!!!

  2. kyle Says:

    this is the best book ever all the pceple at my school love it

  3. Ume Says:

    This was a great book. I find Ralph amusing..He had such and adventure. I loved the book

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i love the mouse and the motorcylce its really a good book who ever wrote it u did a nice jod

    • sarah Says:

      hey i am just about to read this my friend said it was so good!!!1

    • sarah Says:

      hey i am at chapter 3 it is so good oh my goosh and guys read also this book called The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane do good as well.

  5. sandy Says:

    I loved this book because Ralph was a nice mouse and he loved his family and the motorcycle too. He enjoyed talking with Keith a lot.

  6. LL cool J Says:


  7. bess Says:

    this is an a-w-e-s-o-m-e book

  8. TT Says:


  9. dile Says:

    i love very much these book.I’m from albania.

  10. Interesting post, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

  11. Erica. C Says:

    I have this book. i AM ALSO USING IT FOR A BOOK REPORT

  12. bailey Says:

    i saw the movie and read the book and there both AWSOME!!!!!

  13. may Says:

    i love this book. best book ever.

  14. Meagan Says:

    this is a cool book

  15. Crystal Says:

    Thanks for the summary! I have to do homework on this book, but I forgot it at school so this really helps me. Cool book too!

  16. Crystal Says:

    This book is pretty cool, but I still like the Warrior Cat series better. JUST WANTED THAT NOTED AND STILL COOL.

  17. amy Says:


  18. Anonymous Says:

    This book is awesome. There is no other definition that suits it.

  19. maria Says:

    this book is bery fun because i read before

  20. booboohead Says:

    i hate it

  21. Ilovethisbook Says:

    This book is awesome 😀
    im using it for my book report.
    I read it like 2 years ago but i still want to know more details

  22. hi Says:

    i like the book because it short and simple so it is easy to do a report on thx bevery cleary!!!

  23. Ralph Says:

    This is one of the greatest books that I have ever read. Thank you Beverly Cleary for writing this wonderful book.

    P.S. The book is so good that I’m reading the rest of Ralph’s adventures.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    This book is great i loved it awesome book the mouse seems soooooooo cute

  25. sky Says:

    I am reading it and I think it’s awesome! So far I really like it.

  26. skilar Says:

    I have a report on it and I think this website is really helping me. At school It seems boring but when I have it for homework it is really fun!

  27. richyrich Says:

    Love this BOOK 🙂

  28. Anonymous Says:

    this book is so great but you have a lame reply big head booboo head.

  29. maddie Says:

    i love the book i am using it for my book report U ROCK BEAVERLY CLEARY!

  30. maddie Says:


  31. blake Says:

    I liked the mouse and the motorcycle because it had lots of action in the story.

  32. sidney Says:

    thank you for the summary!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    best book ever

  34. maria Says:

    i love is book:)

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