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The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis July 22, 2007

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magicians-nephew.jpgThe Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Date: First published by C.S. Lewis Pte. Ltd., 1955

Recommended Age Group: Ages 10 and up

Summary: The Magician’s Nephew is a book about a group of people from London who, through magic, are able to witness the birth of a country and have many interesting experiences led up to it. In the beginning Digory, the main male character, and his next door neighbor and friend Polly set out on an adventure in the attic and end up in Digory’s Uncle’s study and get tricked into using magic to go to another world. They appear in the wood between the worlds and have to figure out how to use the magic rings and go from one world to another. They appear in Charn, a world at the end of its life and they meet Jaris, the Queen of that world who destroyed her world instead of giving up her place as Queen. This witch tries to scare Digory and Polly with her powers and when the children try to escape she ends up going back with them and makes a mess of their world and London. While she is making a mess Digory had a plan to take her back to her world but they end up in Narnia. They consisting of Digory, Polly, Digory’s Uncle Andrew, the horse named Strawberry, the Cabby of the horse and the Queen. When they get to Narnia the Queen runs off from fear and it is said she will end up being the evil power in Narnia. The Cabby that ends up becoming the King of Narnia and his wife is retrieved from Earth to be his queen. The horse has his name changed to Fledge and he got wings. With these wings he Polly and Digory went on an adventure to get a special apple which would protect Narnia from the evil Queen. Digory gets an apple to heal his mother and he Polly and his Uncle Andrew return to their world. Digory gives the apple to his mother and she is healed from her illness. Digory and Polly buried the rings and the apple. The apple was later made into a wardrobe which will play some significance in later books. Uncle Andrew never uses magic again and becomes a much happier person.

Personal Notes: I really liked this book and I liked the way that it was easy to read but not so easy that I felt stupid for picking up the book. I really appreciate reading something different for a change. I really appreciate things like Jane Austen novels and that sort of thing. I don’t read a lot of science fiction; I have started to like fantasy recently. I picked up a Harry Potter book for a class my senior year and that was my first introduction to a book with magic in it. I would have to say I think I like the Narnia books better than the Harry Potter ones because they seem to focus less on the magic side of it and more on the good lessons of life. Overall an absolutely engaging book.

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